Toxicology Litigation Consultants, Inc.
"Our services are available to both plaintiff and defense attorneys alike. Whether preparing for litigation or simply trying to assess and manage risk, we can help."
  Expert opinion and testimony   Autopsy & postmortem toxicology interpretation
  Drug & alcohol disposition analysis & reports   Risk assessment of chemical agents & drug delivery systems
  Postmortem drug redistribution   Evaluation of drug interactions & adverse drug effects
  Poisoning, overdose & adverse drug events   Products liability, personal injury, and causation
   Individualized pharmacokinetic modeling of drugs & alcohol   Litigation support and strategy
  Interpretation of clinical lab data   Expert reports and opinions
  Interpretation of workplace drug tests   Literature search / review
  Evaluation of drug or alcohol related impairment   Medical liability and dangerous drugs  
  Evaluation of blood and breath alcohol test validity   Workplace injuries & workers compensation
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